Commercial solar power

for businesses and organisations in Victoria, including Geelong and Melbourne, and across Australia

Businesses and organisations in buildings and offices often consume a lot of energy in order to operate, which means expensive energy bills. Commercial solar power will not only reduce your energy costs, but create money for your business or organisation. You will also be able to proudly say that your business takes part in saving the environment.

Commercial solar power systems have high yield with very minimal maintenance costs, creating a significant ROI. Additionally, as energy prices increase, so does your earnings from the surplus energy that you’re able to sell back to the grid.

Our commercial power installation process begins with an on-site inspection of your building or office, to get a complete understanding of the needs and requirements of your business. After that, we can then be able to discuss different options and tailor-make the perfect solar design for you.

brightex also offers industrial and childcare or school solar power installations.