Solar system design

Tailor-made solar system design for each home or business in Melbourne, Geelong, and throughout Australia

Whether you need a small system for your home or large system for your business, you can trust our experienced experts to find the right solar system design for you. This is our process:

On-site inspection

Every home or workplace is different. An on-site inspection and initial consultation will allow our solar design engineers to determine and discuss with you orientation and direction, measurements, dimensions, and overall design that will fit for your space, your lifestyle, your needs, and desired outcomes.


After looking over your energy bills, understanding your average consumption, and inspecting your property, our professional team can then provide you with suitable solar solutions and options and that’s within your budget and towards your goals.

Creating a design

Following a discussion on which options are best for your home or business, our team can then dive deeper into the process, incorporating the best components and technology for the highest energy efficiency and savings.

A clear quote

Once we’ve decided on a solar system design, we can then hand over a clear and accurate quote for our solar installation and monitoring services, explaining to you everything that is involved and ensuring that you are on top of the process and the solution as much as we are. We will also be able to see the potential savings and benefits you will be getting from having a solar power system.

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