Solar power installers

Geelong, Melbourne, and throughout Victoria and Australia

We are expert solar installers, also taking care of maintenance and monitoring for your residential, commercial, industrial, or school space.

  • Our team is made up of only experienced and fully licensed electricians able to install solar panel systems with the highest quality and safety, and minimal disruptions.
  • We perform thorough testing and inspections, along with an electrical inspector, to ensure that your solar system is installed properly.
  • Our maintenance and monitoring team takes care of making certain that everything is performing efficiently and delivering the best results and savings.
  • We will connect your solar system to the grid. Being connected to the grid allows you to maximise savings even more by being able to sell any excess power generated by your solar power system to the grid.
  • Our solar system installation team make sure that your home or building is well taken care of during the whole process, from start to tidying up afterwards.